Advanced Course – Kitesurf

The Advanced Course is aimed at all those who have achieved full independence in the practice of kitesurfing, but who want to start to raise their level and their skills. The subject of the Advanced Course covers all the lessons that range from teaching changes of direction (turns and gybes), to toeside and  rotations hooked in back and front.

We guarantee an excellent success of our basic lessons thanks to the presence of trained and professional instructors, all in possession of international IKO patents, having in management a KITE ZONE dedicated only to the practice of kiting.


Before entering the water the instructor will give you a theoretical description of what you are going to do, then he will personally show you the trick several times so you can see the exact execution of the same and be able to comment on any critical points or common mistakes to avoid. Only at this point, equipped with a radio helmet you can try your trick always under the watchful eye of the instructor who will always be in contact with you and will give you directions in real time before, during and after the execution of the maneuver.


– IKO Teaching Standards

– Equipment and accessories provided by the school

– Customized and one-to-one lessons

– Use of the radio for maximum teaching efficiency

– Debriefing at the end of the lesson

– Supportive rubber dinghy available

– Individual additional hours at an attractive price

– IKO level certification