Kite Courses

Kite’s Angels Beach


Learning kitesurfing is a wonderful experience that allows you to navigate using wind force, jump and make progress. Unlike appearances It is much easier to learn than you think. You don’t need muscles  but technique, coordination and  sense of balance. The real prerequisite is only the ability to swim and be comfortable in deep water. However, kitesurfing remains an extreme sport and to learn it safely you need a training course followed by qualified instructors.

Kite’s Angels Beach is not just any kite surfing school, but an educational centre affiliated with IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization), the most important kite surfing organization in the world that provides the highest standards of teaching the discipline.  That’s what it means:

– Qualified and multilingual instructors

– Highest priority to safety

– Optimisation of each lesson

– Learning speed

– Guaranteed educational objectives

At Kite’s Angels Beach you can follow 3 types of courses: Basic, Advanced and Hydrofoil.

Basic Course

The Basic Course is aimed at newcomers and is structured to promote your learning in a consistent manner throughout the duration of the lessons. In order to ensure that the student is always focused and expresses his or her potential to the fullest, the course is divided into 6 hours.

Advanced Course

The Advanced Course is aimed at all those who have achieved full independence in the practice of kitesurfing, but who want to start to raise their level and their skills.

Hydrofoil Course

The Hydrofoil Course is aimed at those experienced kitesurfers who want to enter into the most technical and futuristic dimension of kitesurfing: the world of foils that allows you to fly on the water surface, tighten incredible upwind angles and reach unprecedented speeds starting from 6 knots of real wind.

Courses for IKO instructors

The Kite Angel’s Beach School is an IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) affiliated center and as such is committed every year to training qualified instructors who are able to teach kitesurfing around the world with an internationally recognized certificate

Our Kite school, in Marina di Grosseto (Tuscany) will introduce you in the first hour with theoretical knowledge and then move on to the practice necessary for Kitesurfing, including emergency management, so that at the end of the basic course in little time you will be able to navigate in absolute autonomy and safety and then spend some fantastic days in the water with us and your friends.

The Kite’s Angels Beach Kitesurf Center is an international center of Brand Ultimate Kiteboarding, therefore, you will use only last generation material.



The cost of our courses includes:

– 80 € ANNUAL FEE for Kite’s Angels Beach SSD membership;

– MEMBERSHIP AICS (Italian Association of Culture and Sport) of the provincial committee of GROSSETO, recognized by CONI;

– RCT INSURANCE COVERAGE (civil liability to third parties), of the company Unipol Div SAI, valid throughout the national territory, with a ceiling of € 3,500,000.00 (three million five hundred thousand) without any deductible for damage to people, but with an excess to cardholder payment of € 500.00 (five hundred) for damage to property and animals only.-

– ACCOMMODATION SUPPORT in structures with which we have an agreement with our spot.